Living with the 'K'-litter

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Kimaris wczoraj odwiezlismy do Berlina. Poleciala z Berta do Hiszpanii - zamieszka na poludniu kraju, 40 km od Afryki... Wiec jak ktos lubi cieple kraje to jest kogo odwiedzac... :mrgreen:

The south of Spain is to only 14 Km from the north of Africa ... from Tariff or Gibraltar or villages of the zone one sees clearly africa when you look in this direction

To seeing if someone comes this year to the dogshow of Gibraltar it will be able to see it, I wait for you!!!

Kay is a autentic adds little piranha!!!

Living with the 'K'-litter

One forgot me, Kay's photo in the airport of Barcelona.

Living with the 'K'-litter

Margo > Sending dogs worldwide :mrgreen:
In a future summercamp we meeting, Berta bring lions and I tarantulas and we will have a funny dinner Shock

Living with the 'K'-litter

[quote:2b5f3d0b58="Nebulosa"]Margo > Sending dogs worldwide :mrgreen:

No, no... there is a hidden goal in it... :mrgreen: We are always looking with Przemek on the map great places we want to visit in the future... After we select them we are waiting for people from these places looking for a CzW puppy... Tongue We seel the puppy and later wo go there to "check if the puppy is living in good conditions"... Smile

So be prepared.... Laughing out loud