2002.06.22-23 - II. CzW championship of Czech Republic and "Best protection dog" competition

Saturday morning began with wonderful weather. Without any problems we managed to arrive to training ground in Roudnice nad Labem where II. CzW championship of Republic took place. After short pause in local canteen the championship has been officially open. Judge's role fell to Jiři Pružina. Were also helping: Karel Nedvěd (assistant) and Hana Křižova (main organizer).

List of participants:

1. Asterix Eden severu Karel Štochl
2. Ira z Litavské kotliny Václav Zeisek
3. Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů Helena Hubáčková
4. Canis z Molu Karel Hladík
5. Michal Šedá eminence Lada Sikorová
6. Kelt z Molu Es Kamil Horák

I. Tracking
The weather was "hard" - sun was beating down strongly and the area was difficult: wet field deeply ploughed. And, although footprint was well visible, the level of dificulty was much higher than on short grass area. That is why it was not a big surprise that dogs had problems on the track. All of them with one expection, however, completed this part of competition successfully. And here are the results:

1. Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů 96
2. Kelt z Molu Es 89
3. Asterix Eden severu 88
4. Canis z Molu 87
5. Ira z Litavské kotliny 85
6. Michal Šedá eminence 52

II. Obedience
Come back to training field, short break and at 11:00 begins obedience. Dogs and handlers coped with it quite well and there were not too many refusals of command execution. The biggest problems were caused by "fetch" and "bark" commands. Thus why such low score? As usual details are very important: execution of command self is not enough to achieve maximum number of points. It has to be executed correctly and flashily. That's why even dogs which own impressive list of passed exams may "loose" during competitions. Work style was eye-catching: dogs were working eagerly, with visible joy. There was no sign of using negative reinforcement training. With such material, working in the right way, the one can be able to "educate" pretty good working dog. Also owners become better and better in handling their dogs. That gives sufficient grounds to presume that the level of championship will be getting higher, year in, year out.

1. Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů 84
2. Ira z Litavské kotliny 82
3. Asterix Eden severu 75
4. Michal Šedá eminence 75
5. Canis z Molu 72
6. Kelt z Molu Es 67

III. Protection
In the afternoon was lunch break. After it began the last part of championship which is probably the most showy: protection work. Among best three protection dogs were two females - which is not a big surprise to anybody - there is nothing more beautiful than a light, agile CzW working with a sleeve. This involvement, energy and drive was lacking by most of the male dogs. That was also appreciated by the judge:

1. Canis z Molu 91
2. Michal Šedá eminence 90
3. Ira z Litavské kotliny 84
4. Asterix Eden severu 82
5. Kelt z Molu Es 81
6. Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů 78

After counting up all parts the winners of competition have emerged:

1. Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů 258
2. Ira z Litavské kotliny 251
3. Canis z Molu 250
4. Asterix Eden severu 245
5. Kelt z Molu Es 237
6. Michal Šedá eminence 217

The competition may be considered as a success. The organizers did very well, the participants were full of sport rivalry spirit. The only thing that could make us sad was attendance: from 13 applied CzW only 6 appeared. The rest for various reasons didn't approach. It's a pity that they didn't inform anybody about intention of withdrawal a bit earlier: because of limited number of places 6 CzWs received refusal - their owners would maybe approach the competition a little bit more seriously.

After such arduous day it was time for entertainment. Initially typical for such meetings: talk about the breed, breeding and training, and later party organized because of twentieth anniversary of KCHČSV (Czech breed club) which lasted nearly till dawn. Everybody entertained excellently....

SUNDAY 23.06.2002

Reveille at 8:00 - it time for next interesting day. At the begining "Best protection dog 2002" competition. Rules are easy: it's typical "control attack". The dog have to attack assistant's sleeve which is 100 meters away. The rules changed a bit - this time period the dog needed to catch up with assistant was not important; important was style of the work. Dogs were assesed by Václav Kejř. Zdeněk Grbavčic was in the role of "provocateur". All dogs were full of joy but most had problems with correct sleeve bite. They bited too "shallowly" and because of it were falling from the sleeve. After presentation of the last female Canis z Molu Es everything became clear who will be on the first place.

IRA z Litavské kotliny
ASTERIX Eden severu
KELT z Molu Es
AJBIX Mrazivé ticho
MICHAL Šedá eminence
CANIS z Molu
1. Canis z Molu Karel Hladík
2. Ira z Litavské kotliny Václav Zeisek
3. Kelt z Molu Es Kamil Horák
4. Ajbix Mrazivé ticho Monika Soukupová
5. Asterix Eden severu Karel Štochl
6. Michal Šedá eminence Lada Sikorová

At 10:00 began "Male and female of the year 2002" but you will read about it in seperate article.

ALAN ze Smaragových vodopádů

In the early afternoon were time to honour the winners. And there were plenty of prizes thanks to sponsors (Astor feed manufacturer - Bakero company) and the club - beautiful cups and diplomas for all participants. The organizer granted also the title "The most versatile dog of year 2002". It fell to Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů.

The weekend was a big success. It seems to me that nobody regrets the two days spent in Roudnice. There was something good for anybody: for men - well stocked canteen Wink, for childer - playground, for handlers - great training ground, for dogs - field for play, and for "connoisseurs" - occasion to meet many leading representatives of the breed at one place. There was a time for conversation and for entertainment. What could we want more? Only maybe that the next year meeting would be so great as this one...

Margo Peron