Winter Carnival Dog Show - Gdańsk 16.01.2011

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Winter Carnival Dog Show - Gdańsk 16.01.2011

The results are already there... and what for results! Smile Next dog shows which was marked with "z Peronowki" trademark. All the most important titles get dogs belonging to zPeronowki family... Big smile

Best of Breed (it means best Czechoslovakian Wolfdog) and Best Veteran became AMBER WOLF Z PERONOWKI - typical z Peronowki dog who do not cary for his age and is able to win even if he is competing in such advanced age class.

Best Male and owner of a next CWC became JOTUN Z PERONOWKI.

I heard that Jotun was in super condition, and looking at the photos I fully agree with that opinion...

His half-sister KOKBAEL TAJGA Z PERONOWKI also get CWC.
Both dogs get very nice description of their movement - it is really nice to look on them when they run in the ring: without the emphasize movement of the legs which is typical for German Shepherd Dogs and still pretty common by some Wolfdogs. The judge paid a lot attention to the typical movement. And it was visible also in his decriptions - for example by Tajga:
"Very wolfish, troting silently, with the head kep almost incline to the horizontal

It seems that also the "young Jotun" (GEIRROD Braterstwo Wilczaków) revels the shows... He didn't wanted to be worser that his father - and he was not: he get very nice description, Junior Winner and Best Junior titles....

(yes, yes - he inherited something from both parents: he is typical "Omar"-line dog)

Best Female and new "owner" of CWC became daughter of Eury z Peronowki (although in the exterier she is almost pure mother): Dorren Wilk z Polskiego Dworu

We can not also forget the interesting description of Garuda who competed in the working class:
"Very good type, with a sincere head expression, dry, but to a fault meticulous; pretty light bones with high setled breastbone. She has her advantages, troting pretty harmonious. She shows character typical for the breed."
It is true - Garuda is really meticulous.... Likewise her movement...

I hope this year we will be able to see more such dogs as the honour in Gdansk running in the show rings in Poland because let say it openly: till now there were too many "Shepherd alike" and not very wolfish moving CsW present on the dog shows in PL....

PS. Szasztin - thank you very much for the photos!