2002.06.01-02 - Meeting and special CzW and Saarlos dog show in Zirndorf (D)

On 01-02.06.2002 two German clubs "Interessengemeinschaft Saarlos-Wolhond-Freunde-Deutschland" and "Interessengemeinschaft für Tschechoslowakische Wolfshunde" organised the 7. special dog show of czechoslovakian wolfdogs and saarlos wolhonds connected with meeting of owners and friends of both breeds.To Zirndorf we arrived on Saturday, 01.06.2002 at 10:00. Very helpful was description of the route and in the end special signs showing right direction to meeting place - we arrived at the place without any problems. We parked our car and went directly to training area.

It's worth to mention a few words about the area because it was very well prepared. Old German Shepherd Dog Club made available to us their own training ground. They also secured meals and hospitality. The whole area consisted of 3 parts: parking place and small camping site, training ground with hurdles, agility course siteand show ring and fenced area, where everyone could leave the dog off leash and eat or trink something. Of course we should not forget about a brook - thanks to it all dogs had great fun: bath.

The program began with exercises in the ring. Everybody could learn how to present dogs on a show and, what's most important, thanks to Alex Windl and trainer from local club which were assessing our actions, we could test how our dogs will react when a judge tries to check teeth at his own and body structure with hands. Such training is a good idea because it's completly different to train with a dog at home than at unknown place with unknown dogs and people.

At 12:00 we went to "Wilhelm Tell" restaurant, where after lunch took place seminar chared by Inger Tischler which is involved in schutzhund and agility training. She is a member of SV and national representation of Germany in agility. It's difficult to summarize in few words the seminar about dogs development, breeders' resposibility and working with dogs, so I'll mention only two points which can be interesting:

  • The first is breeders' responsibility - the breeder should care about puppies to make them good family dogs but also good working dogs. It's possible only when the breeder secures right handling of puppies. From 3th week begans transitional phase - the pup begins to react to external stimulus. At that time one should start socialisation process already - accustom the pup to contact with humans (not only by giving bowl with food), let the pup to experience environment (for example by creating a small play ground at the garden or by inviting strangers and unknown dogs). It's the best moment to accustom pups to other animals (eg. cats) and sounds (for example by playing sounds from CD or computer). For puppies equally "unhealth" is growing up in kennel when puppies see humans only during feeding as well as home based breeding where the puppies have contact with household members only and live isolated from rest of the world.

  • Second point is training: every dog needs task which it can execute and for which it will receive rewards and praises. Casual walkings are insufficient for its needs. That is why it's so important to find right "entertainment". It does not matter whether it's schutzhund, coursing, tracking, obedience or agility. Every form is right - it's important no to let our dog to be bored.
After stormy discussion about upbringing, training and sometimes not understandable behavior of our dogs we came back to training ground.

There was another training. This time we were training the parts which probably will be included in German behavior test: reaction of the dog to different typical and unusual situations: strange dogs, too effusive people, people on crutches, with umbrella, pram and many, many other things. Quickly all problems that our dogs have became visible and it let us know on which part we have to work more.

We spent the evening at the fenced area where we finally could talk with eachother about the breed, breeding and everything else and the dogs could walk off-leash and make acquaitances (not only with CzWs but also with shepherd dogs, mutts and representatives of many other breeds). In spite of many dogs it didn't came to any serious quarrel.

At 2:00 in the morning we've had to go to sleep because on the next day we had to be in top form.

Sunday,like on previous day, it was very hot. The area was full of cars, dogs and visitors. 20 Saarlos wolhonds and 20 CzWs applied for the show - from Germany, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. At the show it was also possible to make PRA tests which are now required in Germany in order to receive breeding permission. Because such tests are supported and recommended by FCI it will shortly be also the case in other countries

The dogs were assessed by well known to German owners, Mr. Walter Schicker. First were Saarloos Wolfhonds. One could observe an even exterior and very stable character of the dogs. After one-hour break, at 13:00 CzWs came in the ring.

Aristoteles v.d. Duursche Enk
Moonlit Tajga z Molu Es

"Old expositors" could be suprised by small reschuffle in one class. But there were reasons for it which are invisible on the photos: movement and character. German judges always pay high attention to right character of showed dogs. This time it was also the case. The judge in many cases checked dogs' teeth, body and quality of coat and etc. on its own. Animals that were skittish, nervous or just not used to such situations didn't present itself well and were falling down in qualification.

The Judge payed high attention to right, wolfish movement. After four hours of waiting many dogs were tired and they didn't want to run. Under such circumstances every type of build fault or movement were perfectly perceptible.

Last comparision and we already knew the dogs which won the show this year. These are: Afar Maly Bysterec and Jolly z Molu Es which later also won Best Of Breed (BOB), and next, after comparision with best Saarlos Wolfhond, BIS title.

Afar Maly Bysterec

As befits a club dog show breeding competitions were also there: best breeding group and best couple (in this competition took part three CzW couples).

During hand out of note cards and many cups by dog show chairman Christina Schröder we became aware that it's over already... Few commemorative photos, farewell and assurances that we'll meet again shortly (at the summer camp, October CzW meeting, and if not, at the show next year) and it's time to go home.

Jolly z Molu Es

Jolly z Molu Es & Nancy Seda eminence

BIS: Andy-Harras from the Shadow of the mountains (Saarloos) & Jolly z Molu Es

What could be added? It was another successful dog show and another nice meeting of both breeds owners. All that's left to do is to thank the Old German Shepher Dog Club for the area, hospitality, help during training and training show, the IG Saarloos-Wolfhond-Freunde-Deutschland and IG Tschechoslowakischer Wolfshunde for efficient organisation, the judge - W. Schicker for patience and understanding and many other people thanks to which we spent such wonderful weekend.