International Dog Show Prestige - Leszno (PL) 04.06.2011

Next dog show with presence of the dogs comming from the new generations and again we were swarmed with titles....


The title Best Baby get Vapula z Peronówki - she endured the hot and long waiting really brave... Only in the end she decided not to leave the show ring because it was so pleasant cold under the judge's tent.... Wink


Junior Winner became Sabnock z Peronówki - soon he will join the group of dogs carring the "Polish Junior Champion" title.... It do not wonders - he is an ideal dog for the dog shows: positive-minded to all people and dogs....


Best of Breed, Best Male and the "owner" of certificates CWC and CACIB became Young Juzio aka Big Czesio, that is the son of Balrog z Peronówki - Fenrir Braterstwo wilczaków


(now I will publish current photos which were not taken at the dog show - it was not possible to take photos of myself Wink )


Traditionally the Best Veteran title get Jolly z Molu z Es, who is going on diet right now as she starts to be in "too good" condition... Wink


Title Best Junior and Junior Winner received Qareen z Peronówki. She will be a perct show female, but first when she will be in coat again.... At the moment she is a "nacked Wolfdog" Wink


We are also proud to inform you about young Elisiuno - Jaud Malý Bysterec. Mr. Stepinski is already the second judge who was delighted by her so much that he gave her everything possible in adult females: CWC, CACIB and the title Best Female.


ResCACIB and CWC received the female from the working class - K-lee Vornji z Peronówki. She confirmed her class with the perfect presentation and movement...