Grandpa rules - 3x dog show in Brazil 04-05.06.2011

Iran is already 13 years old, but it seems he do not pay any attention to it... He is wining hearts of next females and reveling on dog shows.. And he makes us proud and placing faith that also his both daughters (Kasdeya and Ibona) and granddaughter (Qareen) will follow in his footsteps... He is still in perfect form - and this weekend he proved it one more time.

Last weekend (04-05.06) 3 dog shows took place in Porto Alegre (2 international and 1 national). 3 times Iran entered the ring, stoped on the first place and went our with the Best Veteran title. He is already the owner of 7 such titles - from Poland, Lithuania and now from Brazil...


Iran - I pay homage to you... You rule... !