2011.07.02 (PL) Łódź - I Dogtrekking Championships of the Łódź region 'Over Zoo Cup'

10km - 1 place "ex aequo" Alicja (with Callisto z Peronówki and Morta z Peronówki) and Paweł (with Sabnock z Peronówki)


Andariel Conall & Gimir Braterstwo wilczaków, Enfys Braterstwo wilczaków & Labal Lestat z Peronówki

Their group called "Little Red Riding Hoods" (including Alicja (with Callisto z Peronówki and Morta z Peronówki), Paweł (with Sabnock z Peronówki), Krzysiek (with Labal Lestat z Peronówki), Krzysiek (with Enfys Braterstwo Wilczaków) and Daniel (with Andariel Conall and Gimir Braterstwo Wilczaków)) was placed on the 3rd position (of20)) .





congratulation!! i am a fan of callisto Wink