2005.04.18 - Romanic trips (Akim & Merry Bell)

On 16 April we made holidays in Slovenia. Goal: matrimonial.

In Slovenia lives Merry Bell's new fiancé - Akim Slnecny dvor. It is a wonderful dog imported from Slovakia (excellent note during the bonitation in Slovakia). He is the only offspring of Mina Ruskov dvor and male of unique pedigree - Aragorn Potomok vlkov.

Akim is typical sportsman, he repeatedly passed endurance tests achiving excellent results. But there are more disciplines where he is good at - you can see it on the photos.

We await that the puppies from this litter will have active characters - that they will combine physical brawn coming from Akim's line (excellent performance during the 100 km endurance tests) with will to work from the Merry Bell's line (Merry Bell's working tests - ZOP, ZVP1, VZ1; of her mother Ajbix Mrazive ticho - VZ1, ZOP, ZM, ZPU1, ZZO; of her halfbrother Kelt z Molu Es - SchHA, ZPO1, IPO1, ZVV1, ZVV2; of her uncle Argos Mrazive ticho - BH, ZM, ZVV1, ZPS1, VZ1).

Merry Bell z Molu Es & Akim Slnecny dvor