2004.09.04 - Slovakian bonitation in Peronowka (PL)

During the September meeting in Peronowka (which was a huge success) we decided to give other CzW owners the chance to pass slovakian bonitation. We invited famous Slovakian judge Sona Bogranova to this end.

23 dogs took part in the bonitation. 11 were presented during the youth presentation - less than the half (only 5) get the highest note "very promissing" - three of them were from our kennel: Alistair Wolf, Barlog and Banshee. Also our dogs which took part in the bonitation were doing well: Andariel and Amber get the note "excellent" and very nice bonitation codes. Unfortunately Anubis get disqualification despite of his great exterier - he must train a lot with his owner to improve the character, what is very hard, because in France it is forbidden to train protection work with a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog on the training ground....

Amber Wolf z Peronowki