Wolfdog.org database

On 5th November 2002 at 24:05 it became true: the database passed 5000 dogs mark. It became one and only (almost complete) source of information about czechoslovakian wolfdog. But what was its beginning?The database came into being in beginning of year 1999 as part of web pages of our first wolfdog (probably the only one who has had his website long before he came to home of his prospective owners Wink ). Written by Przemek Peron it worked on the basis of text (flat) files. It included information about less than 100 dogs and had only a few primitive options. Although it cannot be compared with its present version even now it would be much better than what the databases offered by other breed clubs.

The first big breakthrough was when web pages of Wolfdog and Club of CzW Breeders in Czech Republic merged: with club permission and thanks to Pavel Hanuska's efforts we got access to whole pedigree book which is owned by CMKU (Czech Kennel Club). Thanks to information found there the number of CzW indexed grew up to 1000. Since that time we constantly received new information from everywhere: books, publications, show catalogs, articles and data sent by breeders. In the middle of 2001 Livia Cervenanska and Milan Budaj sent us a real rarity: first information about Slovakian dogs.

But the true chain reaction started a year ago: right before Christmas 2001. At that time we opened a new Wolfdog web site that was totally database driven. Currently all photos, information about dogs, breeders, owners, competition, bonitation and show results are stored in it.
But the year 2002 can be described as the Slovakian year: first we got "the green book" from Sona Bognarova and then just a week ago we got its second edition published by the Slovakian CzW Breeders' Club. The title of it is: "20 years of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breeders' Club in Slovakia 1982-2002". Thanks to this information we were able to complete and correct all data (we located a few major errors in the database: some dogs from the same kennels had the same names and the only thing that was different were the registration numbers which made it possible to correct everything).

Currently we can say that we managed to collect all parts of the jigsaw. The only missing information are about Italian, Dutch and French breeders but probably even this will change soon. Maybe we will also be able to find data from the first years of the breed and insteed of "?"-marks we will at last be able to put the right names of dogs (they were never used for breeding and you will not find them in pedigrees but they were CzW living and working in the border guard service and it's worth remembering...).

Now we can get down to the present time. Updates to the database are possible thanks to cooperation of breeders, owners and breed clubs all over the Europe. Thanks to you the database exists and is being constantly updated and checked. And for this work I would warmly like now to thank you all.


The database is not only information. Thanks to it we can make some statistical researches that can be useful for breeders, clubs and "usual" owners. Part of additional functions are already available on the Internet, access to some other options can be granted on "special request", and the rest will be available soon. For the moment here are some (I hope interesting) numbers and statistics.

All dogs in the database: 5100
No. of CzWs with photo: 800
No. of CzWs with bonitation code: 953
No. of with HD results: 338
No. of all owners: 1208
No. of all breeders: 347

Countries with the highest number of CzWs living in it
1) Czech Republic
2) Slovakia
3) Italy
4) Germany
5) Holland

Countries with the highest number of born CzWs (breeders' activity):
1) Slovakia
2) Czech Republic
3) Italy
4) Germany
5) Holland

Best years for CzWs (number of puppies born):
1) 1994
2) 1993
3) 2000
4) 1992
5) 1991

The biggest kennels:
1) z Krotkovskeho dvora
2) z Rosíkova
3) Hlas divociny
4) Seda eminence
5) Passo del Lupo

Currently the most active kennels (according to number of born puppies per year):
1) Passo del Lupo
2) Eden severu
3) Crying wolf
4) Arimminum
5) Augusta Brixia

Kennels with the highest percentage of CzWs with HD results:
1) od Rajske chvojky
2) Feherlofia
3) Tinkin dvor
4) Irprus
5) Crying wolf

Kennels with the highest percentage of bonitated puppies:
1) od Rajske chvojky
2) z Dehnic
3) Chocholan
4) od Divisu
5) z Muchova chovu

Countries with the highest Wright coefficient (last 12 years):
1) Slovakia
2) Hungary
3) Denmark
4) France
5) Czech Republic

Countries with the lowest Wright coefficient (last 12 years)::
1) Belgium
2) Finland
3) Italy
4) Holland
5) Switzerland

Kennels with the highest Wright coefficient (last 12 years):
1) z Kykule pod Lepenikom
2) z Gilanovho dvora
3) Vlcia krv
4) od Zejdy
5) z Krotkovskeho dvora

Kennels with the lowest Wright coefficient (last 12 years):
1) della Lacha
2) Gabcov dvor
3) von der Ummelner Muhle
4) Prepychova zahrada
5) de New Flame

Average height
males: 67,54 cm
females: 62,40 cm

Distribution of breeding marks from bonitations:
excellent P1 - 39%
very good P3 - 45%
good P5 - 13%
insufficient P14 - 3%

Percentage born
males: 52%
females: 48%

Months with the highest number of born puppies:
1) December
2) November
3) October
4) January
5) February

Average number of puppies in one litter:

The most numerous litters (with 11 puppies):
1) litter "I" - Arimminum
2) litter "CH" - Hlas divočiny
3) litter "O" - Hlas divočiny
4) litter "B" - z Uher
5) litter "C" - Pohostinstvo

The most frequently fauls found:
1) light brown eyes (38%)
2) too long tail (19%)
3) dark brown eyes (15%)
4) not expressive mask (11%)
5) too long ears (8%)

The most popular stud dogs:
1) Rep z Pohranicní straze
2) Gar z Rosikova
3) Orlik z Rosikova
4) Cezar od Pavlisina & Omar z Krotkovskeho dvora
5) Abe z Molu

Most titled males (dog shows):
1) Freeking z Molu
2) Dino z Rosikova
3) Bolton Eden severu
4) Adon Irprus
5) Crying wolf Angelo

Most titled females (dog shows):
1) Jolly z Molu Es
2) Crying wolf Brooklyn
3) Dia Kollarov dvor
4) Inka z Litavske kotliny
5) Mona z Krotkovskeho dvora

The best working males:
1) Hasso z Kladenske zare
2) Gar z Rosikova
3) Alan ze Smaragovych vodopadu
4) Asterix Eden severu
5) Casanova Zlata Zila

The best working females:
1) Ira z Litavske kotliny
2) Esta Pohostinstvo
3) Cira z Dousova dvora
4) Abra z Molu
5) Eta Pohostinstvo

Most popular male names:
1) Ajax
2) Argo
3) Alan
4) Aron
5) Brit

Most popular female names:
1) Asta
2) Brita
3) Alma
4) Cita
5) Axa