2013.08.02 - VDH-Spezial-RHA fur TWH - Freudenberg am Main (DE)

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2013.08.02 - VDH-Spezial-RHA fur TWH - Freudenberg am Main (DE)

OK, we are back home. I would like to thank our German and Dutch friends for their hospitality and the enormity of of information and news that they passed to us.
It was great to see many beautiful dogs with great characters.... It was wonderful to see that it is still possible to find Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs which are bred according to the breed standard....
I will try to write more details later... Smile

Results of the Special Dog Show for CzW
judge: Daiva Rimaytyte (LT)
52 Wolfdogs

BOB, CAC, VDH-ChA Żela z Peronówki

Working class winner, CAC, VDH-ChA (males): Jawzahr z Peronówki

On the photo BOB & Best Female - Żela z Peronówki & Best Male Ezechiele Olim Palus

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Danke Margo für euer kommen

Danke Margo für euer kommen - es war so schön mit euch - ihr wart richtig toll!!! wir würden und seeeeeehr freuen - euch hoffentlich bald wieder zu sehen... 26.10.. i hope..!!!Smile....

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congrats! Smile

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Grandi!!!! Complimenti!!!!!!

Grandi!!!! Complimenti!!!!!!

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when we end meeting with De CSW club

when we end meeting with De CSW club ( you all are the best) we ( I and Margo) begin ours travel to NL. Rotterdam Smile, night swimming in North sea, den Haag ( with Hague tribunal, Tilburg with nice house and new friend ( Robert - you great), later visit the oldest settlement in NL and ... all this make per one day Smile
visit in Letty house and we back to LT with legendary dog Smile

More photos:

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