2013.08.18 - V Monográfica del Perro Lobo Checoslovaco - Jerez del Marquesado (ES)

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Żweruna z Peronówki - winner of the middle class

Kimaris Kay z Peronówki - excellent 2. (champion class)

Both girls really distinguished themselves thanks to perfect temperament .... What is good visible onthe photos from the dog show:



Cogratulations !

Cogratulations !


Congrats! Smile Smile


Congratulations Laughing out loud

thank you all

thank you all, I must say that the end of females, has been mostly descendants of eligo. Best female: Ira, "Zweruna second" and third place Zoray

Final females, monographic Jerez! Zweruna (intermediate class) Zoray (open class) and Ira (champion class) ... descendant of Eligo