2005.09.20 - We expect puppies - Slovakian 'honey moon' of Hero & Jolly

This year we decided that this litters we will "dedicate" to the legendary dog - Tambury z Rosikova. It was a dog with unique pedigree not related with most Czech and Slovakian Wolfdogs. He enjoyed excellent health (he was x-rayed in the age of 8 years and his penn-hips were still clear) and longevity (in the age of 13 years he was still interested in bitches). He had very good character and such body advantages as good & strong bones, compact body, good format, and great wolfish colour of course... But the strongest point of this line was always the head - here is established the wolfish triangle head... All these are reasons why we decided to mate Jolly with Hero z Rofa - the only son of Tambury living in Slovakia. All we have to do now it waiting...

Jolly z Molu Es & Hero z Rofa