Eyes and heart test of Urobach z Peronówki

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Eyes and heart test of Urobach z Peronówki

Today our dogs, Urobach, Lolek (Kwiatek Chatka Zielarki) and Lala were tested for eyes and heart by Mr. and Mrs Garncarz.

Last year Urobach's heart and eyes were excellent so this year we only did an eye examination again with a certificate. The Doctor said that Uro's eyes are still perfect . Surprisingly Uro yet again was praised for his lovable character ... I guess licking the doctor does the trick Though in my opinion Uro was very impatient during the test.

Lala and Lolek were tested without the certificates, they both behaved very well.
Lolek has healthy eyes and healthy heart
Lala has just minor problems with her eyes but it's due to her age (she is 10 years old) and the mixture of the breeds in her, her heart is also healthy. We are very happy that everything went well.

Urobach's certificate

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Super news for our cousin

Super news for our cousin Smile

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