Help Find Sevilen - Los Angeles, US

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Facebook page: Help Find Sevilen:

Sevilen has been missing from downtown Los Angeles since April 14th, 2014. Please help spread the word so we can bring her home!

Sevilen (pronounced Sev-eh-len) is a 2 year old Czechoslovakian Vlcak, or Wolfdog, who went missing the afternoon of April 14th around 4:30 pm in downtown LA near 3rd & Grand.

Sevilen is a UKC Champion and has also participated in FCI shows in Europe. Czechoslovakian Vlcaks are a rare breed in the United States; they were developed in the former Czechoslovakia and resemble the European Wolf.

This is a picture of Sevilen and the collar that she was wearing when she went missing. We obviously don't know if she still has it on, but hopefully she does and it can help identify her if anyone thinks they have seen her.

Help Fund the Search for Sevilen

Please help us raise money for Jing's search for Sevilen. This money will go towards the costs for flyering, newspaper ads, the reward that is being offered for Sevilen, and etc. Any donation would be greatly appreciated! No amount is too small. Laughing out loud

Here's the LA times online ad!

Here's the LA times online ad! It will run today, tomorrow, and Thursday.

So today is the the 2 week mark of Sevilen being missing.

Hi everyone. So today is the the 2 week mark of Sevilen being missing. Although we don't have her yet, we are still very hopeful that will bring her home soon as we've had a few recent sightings in the area between Dodger Stadium and the earlier sightings at Miguel Contreras.

What we currently need most is help flyering. Remember, there is no such thing as too many posters. Hang them up every few feet--four to every street corner. Give them to neighbors, hand out to stores, ask to hang in windows, etc. If people could please continue to focus on the following areas, that would be great.

--near Dodger Stadium
--Angelino Heights (between Sunset Blvd and Stadium)
--Echo Park
--McArthur Park

English and Spanish copies of the flyers can be found below-