XIX. Meeting & XVII. Hoky's Memorial & IV. National Show - 28.-30.08.2029 Późna (PL)

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International Wolfdog Sport Club and "z Peronówki" kennel
are pleased to invite all owners and fans of the Czechoslovakian wolfdogs on

XIX. International Meeting of CzW owners
XVII. Hoky's Memorial
IV. National CAC Dog Show for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs


Późna 26 near Gubin (on the Polish-German border)

Agenda (this may vary):

28.08. (Friday)
arrival of participants
evening party till the dawn

29.08. (Saturday)
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Opening of the meeting / Registration for the memorial
10:30 Start of the competition "Hoky's Memorial"
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Training: tracking, obedience, protection work
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Results of the competition and awards ceremony
(sorry no lanterns this year - it is too dry)
till morning - the campfire and grilling

30.08. (Sunday)
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 National dog show
10:00 Best kennel, Couple, Stud Dog and Breeding Bitch competitions
10:15 Start of the judging
14:00 Final competitions
15:00 Lunch
around 16:00 departure of participants (of course you can stay with us longer if you want)


Already XVII. edition of the competition organized in memory of Hoky z Molu Es, who died here in 2003.
There will be traditional disciplines, which we will change a little bit in comparison to the previous edition. Competitions are divided in two groups - for beginners and older dogs. The basis is a good socialization and basic obedience.

Competitions (may vary)

Category for Beginners (obedience on a leash)
1. Recall
2. Obedience on a leash
3. Sit-lie down-stand
4. Hoky's discipline - sit-lie down together with the owner
5. Hoky's discipline - carrying a dog
6. Character tests (owner present)
7. Leaving a dog in a position lie down
8. Surprise

Category for Advanced dogs (obedience without a leash)
1. Recall
2. Obedience without a leash
3. Sit-lie down-stand
4. Hoky's discipline - sit-lie down together with the owner
5. Hoky's discipline - carrying a dog
6. Character tests (owner not present)
7. Leaving a dog in a position lie down
8. Surprise

Disciplines 1-3. and 6-7. maximum of 10 points.
Discipline Hoky maximum of 15 points.

Case of the same number of points: decisive will be the number of points in the Hoky's disciplines Hoky; possibly time.

Participation (almost) obligatory!
Interested visitors, who came here without a dog, dogs can be borrowed! Wink

IV. National CAC Dog Show for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs - Późna 30.08.2020

Details: http://www.wolfdog.org/forum/showthread.php?p=464668


How much it will cost?

Fee for meeting:
40 EUR/per person
The given fee is a contribution for the FULL board and drinks. Accommodation and hospitality are free! Competitions and snacks for the dogs are free too...

Additional fees (for the dog show) will be charged separately.

The fee for the MEETING can be paid by bank transfer to the following account:
Account number: PL15 2490 1044 0000 4200 5521 4100

Małgorzata Peron, Późna 26, 66-620 Gubin, Poland
Title of payment: name and surname

or you can pay on the spot. However - please, as far as possible, send te money by the bank transfer, because it makes our life easier. Wink During the meeting there is no enough time for financial matters ... Wink

How to get to us?

Późna is very hard to find... So I have included here help how to reach us.

It looks quite complicated but the way is pretty simple: if you go the direction from Zielona Góra please take direction on Slubice, before Krosno Odrzanskie turn to Guben (border pass in Gubinek), that means go newly built road straight towards Germany, practically to the very border. Approx. 500 meters before the pass (behind first petrol station) turn left. If you go from Germany after you cross the border (approx. 500 meters after the pass) turn right on the first crossing.
And then straight (approx. 10km). Be watchful behind the "Markosice" village – by "sharp left turn" sign there will be asphalt-driveway to the woods. This is the road to our seat (good eye will notice a bust stop hidden between the trees and a road sign "Pozna 1").

No. 26 is very easy to be found – not too much choice Wink. Go the asphalt-driveway through the woods and village. Turn right as soon as the asphalt ends. And than straight (about 300 meters). The numbers 26 is on the right side... Wink

Map here:

GPS coordinates:
51.844481, 14.618887
51°50'38.4"N 14°37'05.6"E

What to take with you?
Sleeping Bags
short leash
muzzle (if needed)
chain for the dog
dog food

- in your own tents / campers
- in hotels, Holiday Flats about 10-15km from Pózna

Information and registration:
In view of the need to purchase food, prepare accommodation, diplomas, etc., please tell us about your participation till 21.08.2020. Of course latecomers are welcome, but knowledge of the number of participants will help us in organize and plan everything...

phone: 0048 601 812184

Meeting on FB: