2007.03.20 - Tenth litter in our kennel - the time of reflection and summaries

A few weeks ago new Jolly's pups were born in our kennel. The moment when the "J" litter, which is the 10th in our kennel has been born seems to be the right time for reflection and statistical assessment of our dogs' achievements. Our oldest dogs will be 5 years old soon and Jolly - the pack's alpha female has already had a significant number of grand and great-grand puppies. Wink

Peronówka's wolfdogs can be found not only in Poland, but also in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.
At present, there are more than 150 dogs with "z Peronówki" nick or having such a dog in their pedigree. Considering the short history of our kennel and relatively small population of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed, it well presents the preferences of foreign breeders who willingly use our dogs for breeding.

Why do we enjoy such popularity? One could attribute it to "excellent marketing" or just good luck, but the truth is different. Breeders, judges and dog owners will sooner or later verify everything. One may write anything on a web site, but only the true, honest and objectively verifiable results will be clear and explicit. And what is the truth ?

Each of our litters is unique in its kind. We do not use only our own studs for breeding. We don't produce "clones", i.e. dogs of the same parents. It does not matter to us how far we need to travel with our bitch to a particular stud dog. It does not matter if he comes from the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It's important that he fulfils certain tough requirements concerning the health, character, and appearance, which we evaluate ourselves.
We are constantly in the centre of 'wolfdog events': we travel to dog shows, meetings, training camps. Due to this fact we know all the best and important dogs of the breed. That's why we are able to select our dogs and studs on the basis of what we've seen ourselves and rely on our own judgments. We don't match dogs just basing on photos published on some internet sites. Thanks to that, we don't need to fear that things would go wrong because somebody could "brush up" a dog's results or looks. We rely on our own experiences and trust our own observations.

We pay great attention to the health of our dogs and pups. All dogs used by us in breeding have been tested against hip dysplasia and found free of this disease. Thanks to that, we managed to obtain a higher than average number of dogs free of dysplasia. Out of 17 tested pups born in our kennel 94% are HD free (15 results are HD-A, one HD-B and only one dog has slight dysplasia HD-C). The results are honest - we neither conceal the weaker ones, nor conduct repeated X-rays, so that the dogs with worse results would not worsen our statistics.

16 out of 23 pups that were born within our first 4 litters and have already reached the breeding age have obtained the breeding dogs status due to their good health, character and looks. We don't insist that our pups' owners should breed on them, but we are extremely pleased with the fact that so many of our dogs could help keep the genetic versatility of the breed.

But its not only the appearance and "blood" that counts. Wolfdogs are a working breed and it is their character that is crucial and really matters. Our dogs and dogs bred in our kennel (naturally excluding those that are still too young to take various exams) have passed over 50 different tests. All our females have passed at least the basic obedience tests. Our dogs contradict the common thesis that "wolfdogs are an non-trainable breed" and pass exams, take part in competitions and achieve results which make us proud of them. And these are not empty words - we can confirm their achievements with formal, independent certificates, not only "internal" dog school examinations.

Good character is a result of many factors and attempts. It's due not only to genetic factors and parents but also intensive work from the earliest days. Our pups have contact with people from the first minute of their lives. Brought up at home and carefully looked after not only by people but also by the whole wolfdog pack they learn from their "puppyhood" how to communicate and cooperate with other dogs and become valuable members of a human family.

Last but not least: the looks. Naturally we can write everywhere that our dogs resemble wolves and look like wolves - computer is like paper - absorbs everything. But the appearance of our dogs and its congruence with the breed standard is being constantly confirmed by the dog show judges not only in Poland but also abroad, including the native countries of the breed, where dogs with our kennel name not once and not twice received the highest prizes. Wolf-like appearance and perfect, harmonious body shape and movement cause that our dogs often act wolves in cine and TV productions. Film directors and scenarists highly value our dogs - its' not really important for film makers whether they are Czechoslovakian wolfdogs or not, or even that they look wolfish. What really matters to them is weather they are able to substitute wolves! We could quote fantastic descriptions written by judges, praising our dogs at dog shows, but what for? Everybody can come to a dog show or visit us and find out for themselves what our wolfdogs look like and how they behave.

We would also like to warmly thank the owners of the pups bred in our kennel. Although when buying "Peronówka's" pups they wanted to obtain pets and friends, they constantly show "our" dogs at dog shows all over Europe. And we are really very, very grateful for their work and efforts.

All the above are only words, but being an IT specialist I prefer figures and clear facts. Smile Here are some statistics of the dog shows data. There is no point in quoting all show results of our dogs. The ones with no or little competition are not really valid. So I decided to mention just the most important for the breed, and thus - the most prestigious ones.

Among the winners of CzW wolfdog club and special shows only four dogs of Polish kennel or Polish owners have so far obtained the most important Czech title. These were::
Jolly z Molu Es - Czech Club Winner 2003
Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki - Czech Club Winner 2004
Balrog z Peronówki - Czech Club Winner 2005
Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki - Winner of the Special CzW Dog Show 2006

Also in Slovakia - all Polish wolfdogs that won the highest prizes come from our kennel.
Andariel Wolf z Peronówki - European Winner 2003 (in Bratislava)
Jolly z Molu Es - Best female of the European CzW Show 2004
Alistair Wolf z Peronówki - Best female of the European CzW Show 2005
Eligo z Peronówki - Slovakian Club Winner 2006
Alistair Wolf z Peronówki - Best female and winner of the European CzW Show 2007

Wolfdogs from Polish breeders have so far won the following prizes:
4 x Slovakian Champion,
4 x Slovakian Junior Champion,
2 x Czech Junior Champion

oraz 1 x Slovakian Grand Champion - all these titles belong to "z Peronówki" wolfdogs.

It is difficult to objectively assess the character of a particular dog. There has recently been a tendency to promote "working lines" of dogs that have not passed even one test in their lives, but their owners claim such theses on their websites. But similarly to the situation of dog shows at which the beauty and grace of dogs are assessed, there are also available examinations which test the working abilities and skills of dogs. Dogs of our kennel have passed several various exams: endurance runs (VZ1 20km, SVP1 40km or SVP2 70km), obedience tests (PT, ZOP, Obedience 0, Obedience 1, Obedience 2, ZZO, BH, ZPU1) and psychological tests. Jolly z Molu Es - our alpha female and Amber Wolf z Peronówki belong to the group of working wolfdogs with the highest qualifications and best results in Poland.

Eight years ago we submitted our lifestyles to the breed that has fascinated us. We've spent those 8 years among our dogs and with our dogs. We worked hard also to help others enjoy this wonderful breed as much as we do. Today we know that this was a good decision and good choice. Every day when the news of the dogs born in our kennel reach us - our spirits are heightened and we feel more and more certain that our passion is worth all the efforts.

Thanks for translation to: Rona