About us

"Z Peronówki" is a small amateur kennel of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (original name Ceskoslovensky vlcak) owned by me and my brother. Name "Peronówka" means a little more - it is a name of our farm located "at the end of a civilized world", in Pózna village just by the borderline with Germany. We wanted to keep it in our kennel's name because we left the town because of and thanks to our dogs ....
More precise information about how to get us are to be found here.

Why such a name?
At the beginning we were considering different names for our kennel. First ones were in Latin. Unfortunately most "Lupus" had already been used by Siberians and Malamutes. Others simply did not match the breed with practically no past. Therefore, there came the time of English names. After the short consideration we came to conclusion that the names we found the prettiest, English-speaking person would find nothing special. The next step then were our own proposals. But soon the problem occurred. Whatever we invented apparently already existed: if not in Poland, in United Kingdom, USA or Australia then. And we so much wanted to be original! Finally, we came back to Polish that we initially turned down. One of the most important arguments was the similarity of Polish and Czech languages, and Czech Republic is a homeland of Wolfdog. Since that moment our hesitation finished – the name was to be "Z Peronówki". At the beginning of 2001 it was also registered at F.C.I..

Few words about us
Although Wolfdogs are our main hobby and our favourite breed, we have been "in" the dogs and everything that is related to cynology for several years. And because everything we do – including our work – in different percents is connected with the Internet, we invite you to our www services about dogs: Dog-O-Mania, with branches in Poland and Czech Republic and the service about wolfdogs Wolfdog.org (real goldmine of breed information – hundreds of articles, photos from dog shows, meetings, and trainings, results of shows and competitions, data base of all Wolfdogs and their owners, discussion list, information on actual litters and terms. Shortly speaking, everything that Wolfdog owner would like to know).

Naturally, the scope of our activity is much wider. We take care of an up-date of Zielona Góra Branch of Polish Kennel Club, we host web site of Czech Kennel Club and some other well-known and popular dog-sites.

Our interest in the breed is not limited only to the dogs that we own or have bred but spreads on everything that is related to CW. That is why we stay in touch with CW breeders and owners all over the world, with Czech Klub Chovatelu Ceskoslovenskeho Vlcaka, German Interessengemeischaft für Tschechoslowakische Wolfshunde, Slovak Klubem Chovatelov Ceskoslovenskeho Vlciaka Slovenskej Republiky, that we are members, and with Italian Club Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco.
We have plenty of free weekends hence we are able to participate in almost all litter surveys, meetings, trainings, symposium, and the most important shows. Visible results of that co-ordination are to be seen and appraised here: Wolfdog.org.