Why wolfdogs?

Our adventure with Wolfdogs started in 1996, when I had a chance to see that breed for the first time on a dog show in Leipzig. I was incredibly impressed: the dog was walking next to his owner, proud, not noticing other dogs but drawing everybody's attention. But the beauty is not all (at that time I was fascinated with utility dogs of Group I FCI and I would not get persuaded into buying a dog not suitable for training). I have started searching all the materials available. It was not much, and moreover, the information was quite often inconsistent. But more professional work-outs were giving me the idea of the Wolfdog’s true character. And that was exactly what I was looking for...

After my meeting with Wolfdog in Leipzig it appeared that getting this dog to Poland is hardly possible – I have been searching in whole Europe, I have met many owners from Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany – but not even one breeder. But Wolfdogs were my "love from first sight". When it came out that buying such a dog is impossible I tried to look for any replacement ... vainly. All the other dogs were missing something – there was no other solution but keep on looking.

This time we had more luck. As it often happens: the simplest solutions are the most difficult ones – everything stepped up when we finally managed to get in touch with our neighbours – Czechs and their Wolfdog Breeders Club. Not so long afterwards we had the first wolfdog in our home: BOLTON Eden Severu. He only confirmed our feelings that Wolfdog is a dog for us (my brother Przemek "got infected" pretty soon – and that is how it stayed...).

We have started travelling to Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia to spend at least few hours with other Wolfdogs and their owners. These meetings confirmed that "the devil is not what ..." So where did all the articles presenting Wolfdogs as aggressive beasts come from? Only from the lack of knowledge. What can be written by someone who has never seen the breed? Only tales on Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

What is the Wolfdog (and what is not)?
It is not a dog for beginners – and neither is any other working breed. Its owner must have some knowledge about dogs, their behaviour, socialization and training (or have someone handy who meets these criteria). These are not the dogs that can be left in the garden without any contact whatsoever with a human being – they need lots of time and attention. Wolfdogs are incredibly intelligent. I know, I know ... everybody says their breed is the best ever … But it is not what we are talking about. Their intelligence is not about being on every call, and obeying our commands is not the sense of their lives. Intelligence and senses they inherited from the wolves; they can perfectly copy the behaviour of their pack (that means us) and solve even most complicated tasks. Many people will say "Great! I love intelligent dogs!". But I would recommend you to think twice - there is no such a place where CW would not be able to get in or get out. For them, opening the lockers, fridges, doors, and wickets is easy-peasy. They can always draw everybody’s attention: "Hey, you don't want to play with me?! Yeah, right! Lets see what you will do if I make dust from this thick wallet? Sure you'll REACT!". You are not scared? You are still convinced this breed is just for you?

And you are right because buying Wolfdog you are getting your friend (and not a servant) who will follow your steps everywhere and will do everything for you. And when the need comes – he will defend you ...

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