Amateur dog breeding
"Amateur" dog breeding means that our wolfdogs are not our source of income but our hobby entirely.

  • Breeding dogs
    Our dogs were not found accidentally. Our choices have always been preceded with thorough consideration, whilst most attention was paid on the character, health and proper gene pool, not forgetting the appearance though. We know the origins of each and every dog of ours back to the Shepherds' and wolves' crossings.

  • Quantity
    We do not have a pack of wolfdogs, we cannot "brag" the cages with 20 bitches. And that is good ....
    We keep as many dogs as we can give our attention to. Each of them is treated by us as a very special one, and we take into consideration their individual needs.

  • Character
    Character is extremely important for us – even the most beautiful dog loses its charm when his character makes coexistence impossible. What may be the value of a dog that fears the slightest murmur...
    That is why we do not limit to proper selection and socialization. Every Wolfdog is being trained accordingly to his character: obedience, protection, guarding, or tracking.

  • Health
    The best thing on earth is the joy that comes from the long-lasting companion of a healthy dog. We are helped by the breed characteristics: Wolfdogs are healthy (free from illnesses typical to other breeds) and long living dogs (and that differs them from other large breeds). To keep this condition we take all the possible tests before breeding, including the most important one: HD X-rays for all our dogs.
    Why is it so important? Wolfdogs in Poland are not the subject of any obligatory tests and not many breeders find them necessary to be taken...

  • Bonitations
    In Poland, breeding surveys belong to the past. The only conditions for having the stud dog/bitch status are full 18 months of age and 3 "excellent" (for the dog) or "very good" (for bitches) on the shows. To say the truth these conditions can be fulfilled by every Wolfdog in Poland since the competition is not too strong yet.
    Why our dogs are different? They passed bonitations and received breeding licenses from Wolfdog Breeders Club in Czech Republic. We have in our kennel first dog and first bitch in Poland that met all the requirements of that Club and succeeded with quality classification.

  • Shows
    It cannot be hidden that we got addicted. Although it is only a part of our job (photos and reportages on the shows) that is mainly a pretext for presenting our own dogs and no place is too far away. Luckily, our dogs share our enthusiasm and start their own preparation for the show the very moment we pack the show leashes.
    That makes them unbeatable in categories "The most often shown dog of the year" or "The most titled dog". Of course the quantity does not always meet the quality – but not in this case: we successfully present our dogs at club shows and specialties in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany. This situation is reflected in annually rankings for the best show dog of Czech Wolfdog Breeders Club, e.g., The best dog of 2000 is our Bolton Eden Severu, and the best bitch of 2001 and 2002 - our Jolly z Molu Es.

Angielskie tlumaczenie: Marta Kurpinska, tel.: 0-504 281 219