History of our kennel

Why wolfdogs?

Our adventure with Wolfdogs started in 1996, when I had a chance to see that breed for the first time on a dog show in Leipzig. I was incredibly impressed: the dog was walking next to his owner, proud, not noticing other dogs but drawing everybody's attention. But the beauty is not all (at that time I was fascinated with utility dogs of Group I FCI and I would not get persuaded into buying a dog not suitable for training). I have started searching all the materials available.

About us

"Z Peronówki" is a small amateur kennel of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (original name Ceskoslovensky vlcak) owned by me and my brother. Name "Peronówka" means a little more - it is a name of our farm located "at the end of a civilized world", in Pózna village just by the borderline with Germany. We wanted to keep it in our kennel's name because we left the town because of and thanks to our dogs ....

2007.03.20 - Tenth litter in our kennel - the time of reflection and summaries

A few weeks ago new Jolly's pups were born in our kennel. The moment when the "J" litter, which is the 10th in our kennel has been born seems to be the right time for reflection and statistical assessment of our dogs' achievements. Our oldest dogs will be 5 years old soon and Jolly - the pack's alpha female has already had a significant number of grand and great-grand puppies. Wink

Peronówka's wolfdogs can be found not only in Poland, but also in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.