2000.09.03 - 5. SZS für Saarlos und TWH - Neuengeseke (D)

The most important dog show for Wolfdogs (not only Czechoslovakian but also for Saarloos) in Germany is already over.... The long way was worth to do it....

The judge was Uwe Fischer which is known for his care that all dogs have the right typical character. It was the reason why shy dogs get maximal the note "very good".

After comparition with the slovakian champion Aron we made it - our Bolton Eden severu get the title "Best Male" and also became Club Winner of the German CzW Club.

2000.12.31 - Competition 'Most titled dog of the Year 2000 in Czech Republic'

The competition is organized by the Czech CzW Club. After colecting so may titles it was not surprised that our Bolton Eden severu won this competition and become the "Most Titled Dog of the Year 2000 in CZ'...

2004.03.20 - Czech Champion = Merry Bell

The dog show in Ostrava was for us the first dog show in Czech Republic this year. Thanks to this it became important for us - Merry Bell get here CAC-title which fionished her championat. Since todays she is one of few bitches which have this prestigious title (in Poland there are only two bitches which have it: Merry Bell and Jolly - both from our kennel).

2002.12.08 - Merry Bell Polish Junior Champion

During the dog show "III Barborkowa zimowa wystawa psów rasowych" in Nowa Ruda Merry Bell was doing well. She not only finished her Junior Championat but she also get the 3. place during the BIS Junior competition.

2001.06.03 - Jolly - the fastest Polish Junior Champion

Only 1 month took Jolly to become Polish Junior Champion...

2002.03.22 - Jolly is Polish Champion

At the age of not even two years Jolly became Polish Champion.

2003.05.31 - Czech Champion & Czech Club Winner - Jolly z Molu Es

During the Club Dog Show for CzW in Roudnice/Labem Jolly not only became Czech Club Winner (it means owner of the most prestigious title in this breed) but she also finished her Czech Championat.

2005.05.28 - BOB for Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki during the IDS in Nitra (SK)

And next success of "z Peronówki" and another one in the origin country. This time of Aset Voodoo Wolf which in a strong stack beated all rivals and get the title "Best of Breed" during the International Dog Show in Nitra....

Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki

2005.06.26 - Alistair Wolf z Peronówki - Polish Champion

During the International Dog Show in Cracow our Alistair Wolf z Peronówki not only beated the rivals and get the title "Best of Breed" but she also fulfilled all requirement to get the title "Polish Champion".

Alistair Wolf z Peronówki

2005.02.12 - Amber in love during the Valentin's Dog Show in Bydgoszcz (PL)

Enchantment and romance didn't interfere Amber with showing great and getting next CWC and next "Best of Breed" title...