2006.12.08 - Farewell to Bolton

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2006.12.08 - Farewell to Bolton

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2006.12.08 - Farewell to Bolton

At this place I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for Rona who translated the article into English...

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2006.12.08 - Farewell to Bolton

Margo, Przemek ............. I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is horrible!!!!!
I have met Bolton, I have caress him, he set down beside me on the sofa in your dining room when I have gone to take Eblis. He knew how to hold to attends the puppies without to be aggressive and all the pack had greatest respect for he! Indeed a great leader! I embrace you also from part of Eblis!

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2006.12.08 - Farewell to Bolton

I just want to say that I am sorry to hear such sad news.I often look at the site just to see pictures of Bolton.He is a beautiful soul that I am sure will be missed.What also sadens me is that he passed away on my birthday,8th of December. I to just lost one of my dogs.The first dog I ever had.He was a Shiba Inu.A Japanese dog.He was the sweetest one I ever knew.I train dogs and all the others I have trained were not so friendly.I now have German Shepherds.I know what you mean about all being silent and in mourning the death of their family.Anytime I go inot the kennel all the puppies bark and so do the adults.Only one of the pups barked,I think to say "good bye".All others just looked in silent respect as I carried Sabastian(Shiba Inu) out of the kennel.My husband dug a grave for him late at night in the cold(luckily the ground wasn't frozen) next to where I buryied the best German Shepherd I ever had. Now they will be together again. They will remain in our hearts forever. Your Friend,

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