Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Club in Poland

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I would like to clarify some false information disseminated over the Internet.

NO, owners and breeders of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs from Poland do not plan to make any club together with the owners of Saarloos, Chihuahuas, Shepherds, or guinea pigs .... All these strange formations like the "Saarloos and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Club" - are like veal sausages: veal is not in them... Wink So it is with the hybrid-clubs - because of lack of interest CzW owners some people try to create their own private club. A free spaces are filled with the owners of various breeds and it has nothing to do with real CzW Club...

So once again: NO CzW owners were against the idea of creation of the club together with the owners of for example Saarloos. There's no negative feelings but simple common sense logic. First: there are over 300 CzW owners in Poland. We are able to do the Club without any help. And we can ground a club basing ONLY on CzW owners (although the owners of other breeds who are willing to work with us are welcome). Second: there were several "Saarloos and CzW Clubs" in Europe and all ended very badly. Sooner or later occurred conflicts of interests and activities and the clubs ended in internal wars and their liquidation. So why to repeat the mistakes of others....?

We plan to make ONLY ONE Club related to ONLY ONE breed: "Klub Rasy Ceskoslovensky Vlcak w Polsce" (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Club in Poland), which really will bring together CzW owners:

Volunteers can still submit declarations - papers will be made ​​after the holidays:

You can discusse about the club on the Wolfdog forum:

And on Facebook:

The former sounds like a

The former sounds like a breed club based on Facebook logic Smile