MDR1, PRA-prcd, DM - Urobach z Peronówki

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About a week ago I've sent samples to Slovgen to check Urobach for MDR1, PRA-prcd and to repeat the test for DM (he was tested 2 years ago in Prague, N/N, but we never had any written confirmation so I've decided to redo it)
Thus, the Slovgen says that Urobach is:
PRA-prcd: N/N
and of course

PRA eye test currently exists based on mutations...

PRA eye test currently exists based on mutations seen in terriers and IIRC chow chows. There are multiple mutations known to cause progressive retinal atrophy (it's the result of a disease and not the disease itself), and probably not all of them have been found.

has there been any CzW to test positive using the existing PRA tests? or is it suspected to exist within CzW based on some dogs having retinal/vision problems (like Baron spod Dumbiera)?

No idea maybe Margo knows,

No idea maybe Margo knows, I've asked Slovgen about the tests done for CzW, they wrote that for this breed they have PRA-prcd