Living with a Wolfdog

2004.06.08 - Our pack has new members now....

From the trip to Spain we came back with two new members of our pack......6-month old male puppy Balrog z Peronówki and 1,5 year old female, Alistair z Peronówki, that came back to us on co-ownership rights and in order to visit some additional shows and could compete not only with herself (as it was common in Portugal) but also demonstrate her quality also on shows rings in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

2003.01.16 - BSY (Best story of the year)

Let me please introduce myself: Philippe BESCOND, 45 years-old, living with my dogs (Siberian Huskies and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs) 150 km north from Paris (France) and working as a laboratory technician for a pharmaceutical group near Paris.I dream for new Csv for a long time, one male and one or two females.I had already took contact with some breeders, found on the site, when I pay attention to the first litter born in Poland, under the 'z Peronowki' affix. I negociate with Przemek and Margo Peron for the last available male of the litter.
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