2004.11.28 - Borkola & CAL 2 - Terni (I)

On the 28.11.2004 Beau Isabeau z Peronowki passed the CAL2 test (Certificato di Attitudine al Lavoro).She was the youngest CzW which participated in this exam. Congratulation!

BEAU ISABEAU z Peronowki:

2004.11.07 - 7 passed exam of Amber Wolf z Peronowki!

On 2004.11.06 Amber Wolf z Peronowki showed polish judges how the obedience exercise should look like.

Next day he participated in the II National Obedience Competition which took place in Poznan. It enable him to pass the Obedience 0 exam (in addition with the note "Excellent"). It is 7. exam of this dog which is not even 2 years old. Congratulations!

AMBER WOLF z Peronowki:

2004.06.06 - Gold for Amber Wolf - news from the training field

On 06.06.2004 in Poznan took place a obedience exam PT1 organised by the Poznan branch of our kennel club. The judge was Janusz Arnold (PL). The test entered 20 dogs from a course and 15 extramural. The highest number of points (195 out of 200 points), gold medal and beautiful cup for the first place received the only Czechoslovakian wolfdog that appeared there - Amber Wolf z Peronówki coming from our kennel. Congratulations to his owner and we wish more such sucessful exams!

2004.04.03 - Endurance test ZVP1 Racice (CZ)

The endurance test ZVP1 (40km) took place on beautiful spring Saturday in Racice (CZ). Our CzW were among 8 dogs which took part in it. All passed this exam and get the note "excellent". Merry Bell z Molu Es finished the run on the second place and she was also one of two dogs which finished it in time less than 3 hours. Aset Voodoo was slower only just about some seconds - she finished on the third place. Jolly had no will to run - she reached the finish line with a very good time, but on 5. position.

2002.10.27 - Merry Bell on the second place on the obedience competition in Svetla (CZ)

During the obedience competition in Svetla (CZ) our Merry Bell z Molu Es get the second place...

Results of ZOP (obedience) competition

2005.06.01 - A wolfdog stands on the podium - Obedience Competition in Ryczywol (PL)

When I begun training my wolfdog (Amber Wolf z Peronówki) I didn't think of achieving anything. I didn't even think that sports training will absorb us so much that it will become an everyday activity. I only wanted to train SOMETHING with Amber. I wanted it to make us learn more about each other, teach us both respect each other and strengthen proper relationship between us. It turned out that we achieved much more than that!

2002.06.22-23 - II. CzW championship of Czech Republic and "Best protection dog" competition

Saturday morning began with wonderful weather. Without any problems we managed to arrive to training ground in Roudnice nad Labem where II. CzW championship of Republic took place. After short pause in local canteen the championship has been officially open. Judge's role fell to Jiři Pružina. Were also helping: Karel Nedvěd (assistant) and Hana Křižova (main organizer).

List of participants:

2002.05.05 - IV Obedience Competition of Mazowsze (PL)

On Wednesday, 5th May 2002, in a small town Laski located near to Warsaw on the border of beautiful Kampinowski Primeval Forest took place IV Obedience Competition of Mazowsze according to PT regulations (PT - Polish obedience exam).The event was orgranized by AKI club and local division of ZKwPL in Plock and area on which everything took place was offered by commune of Izabelin. The dogs and their handlers were assesed by known Slovakian judge Josef Olearcin.

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