The first and for years the most titled kennel breeding Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already many prestigous achievements. Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - Czechosłowacki wilczak - Československý vlčak - Tschechoslowakischer Wolfhund - Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco - Chien-loup tchécoslovaque - Perro lobo checoslovaco - Československý vlčiak - Чехословацкий влчак - Tsjechoslowaakse wolfhond

2005.03.21 - Balrog become Polish Junior Champion

During the dog show in Katowice Balrog fulfiled all conditions needed for this title and now he can add to his achievements also: Polish Junior Champion.

Balrog z Peronówki

2005.02.14 - Camio & Cheitan - BBC movie stars

Who is able to play a wolf in a movie better than typical Czechoslovakian Wolfdog?It applies also to puppies of this breed - even experts will have huge problems to find some distinctions. It was the reason why our dogs drew attention of Polish filmmakers and producers from BBC. At the beggining we spoke about three dogs but finally leading roles get two of our puppies which should play main the role of main heros. Later we will write more about their adventures:

2005.01.29 - Best Kennel of the IDS in Trencin (SK)

We thought very long time over going to Trencin: weather forecast was very bad, the ways covered and even 20 degrees below zero.But if someone is addicted as we are such "details" are not important. And it was worth of going there because it was one of the most successful dog shows for us.

Amber Wolf and Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki get the titles res.CACIB. Their mother, our Jolly z Molu Es became Best Female and Best of Breed:

2004.03.13-14 - National and Club Dog Show in Nitra (SK)

We had a lot of luck this weekend: on the first day Andariel Wolf z Peronówki get the CAJC title (Youth Winner), Merry Bell - CAC and Jolly - res.CAC.

2004.03.13-14 - International Dog Show Vilnus (LT)

Amber Wolf z Peronówki also had luck - he get 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, the "Luthuanian Winner" title and he started his Interchampionat.

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2004.02.22 - Champion Dog Show in Leszno (PL)

Finally there was a time for the next generation - the Best of Breed title won Amber Wolf z Peronówki:

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2004.02.07 - Aset Voodoo = Junior Champion of Czech Republic (CZ)

On the International Dog Show in Brno (CZ) Aset Voodoo get the last CAJC (Youth Winner) which she needed to finish her championat - she became Junior Champion of Czech Republic....

2004.01.24 - International Dog Show in Trencin (SK)

To win when the competition is small is nothing special. But win in one of the origin countries is something different. Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki proved on the International Dog Show in Trencin (SK) that our dogs don't need to be affraid there. She captured not only the CAJC (Youth Winner) title and the title Best Junior of Breed, but also during the finals she won BIS Junior.

2004.01.24 - National Dog Show in Glogow (PL)

On the 5th Winter National Dog Show in Glogow our dog was very successful. Andariel Wolf z Peronówki got the title Junior Winner and finished her Polish Junior Champion title.Also during the finals she didn't disappoint us - she finished the final struggle in the second place.

2003.11.23 - 'B'-litter, piranhas from Peronówka

After a 4 hours of delivery Jolly gave birth to 4 males and 3 females. The puppies and mother feel excellent. More information coming soon in the section "Litter B".