The first and for years the most titled kennel breeding Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already many prestigous achievements. Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - Czechosłowacki wilczak - Československý vlčak - Tschechoslowakischer Wolfhund - Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco - Chien-loup tchécoslovaque - Perro lobo checoslovaco - Československý vlčiak - Чехословацкий влчак - Tsjechoslowaakse wolfhond

2005.09 - Nowe Zycie Pabianic (PL)

29.09.2005 "Nowe Zycie Pabianic"
Nr.38 Rok XVI (770)

Balrog z Peronówki

2005.08 - Gazeta Lubuska (PL)

23.08.2005 "Gazeta Lubuska"

Alistair Wolf z Peronówki + Balrog z Peronówki

2005.07 - Express Ilustrowany (PL)

22.07.2005 "Express Ilustrowany"

Andariel Wolf z Peronówki

2005.06.01 - A wolfdog stands on the podium - Obedience Competition in Ryczywol (PL)

When I begun training my wolfdog (Amber Wolf z Peronówki) I didn't think of achieving anything. I didn't even think that sports training will absorb us so much that it will become an everyday activity. I only wanted to train SOMETHING with Amber. I wanted it to make us learn more about each other, teach us both respect each other and strengthen proper relationship between us. It turned out that we achieved much more than that!

2005.06 - 'L'Anno mille' - Dieffe Cinematografica (IT)

2005.06.10 'Anno Mille' Dieffe Cinematografica

Beau Isabeau z Peronówki

2005.05 - Pies (PL)

05.2005 "Pies"
Nr. 5 (313) 2005

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2005.03 - I nostri cani (IT)

03.2005 "I nostri cani"
Nr. 3 2005

Beau Isabeau z Peronówki

2005.02 - 'The Man-Eating Wolves of Gysinge' - BBC (UK)

2005.02 'Manhunters: The Man-Eating Wolves of Gysinge' BBC

Cheitan z Peronówki + Camio z Peronówki

2005.01 - Hundeloven (NO)

2005.01 "HOF"

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2005.01 - Praca magisterska na UW (PL)

01.2005 Praca magisterska
Uniwersytet Wrocławski

z Peronówki