The first and for years the most titled kennel breeding Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already many prestigous achievements. Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - Czechosłowacki wilczak - Československý vlčak - Tschechoslowakischer Wolfhund - Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco - Chien-loup tchécoslovaque - Perro lobo checoslovaco - Československý vlčiak - Чехословацкий влчак - Tsjechoslowaakse wolfhond

2005.01 - Praca magisterska na UW (PL)

01.2005 Praca magisterska
Uniwersytet Wrocławski

z Peronówki

2004.12 - C.C.L.C - Stage di Natale (IT)

12.2004 "C.C.L.C"

Andariel Wolf z Peronówki

2004.09.12 - Special CzW dog show - Svetla nad Sazavou (CZ)

Also this weekend we decided to spend in company of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs and their owners. And that was a main reason why we went to Svetla nad Sazavou in the Czech Republic. We arrived to the destination place on Friday. One of the main organizers, Mr. Jarda Hospodka welcomed us and took care of our accomodation in a hotel. After a short break we went to the local training place where new CzW fans started to arrive. We spent the evening on common talks. Of course the main topic were our dogs.

2004.09 - Klub Ras Pasterskich Niepolskich (PL)

09.2004 "ZKwP"

Andariel Wolf z Peronówki

2004.06 - WorkDogs (IT)

07.2004 "WorkDogs"

Beau Isabeau z Peronówki

2004.03 - Pies (PL)

03.2004 "Pies"
Nr. 1 (303) 2004

Andariel Wolf z Peronówki

2004.04 - Super Express (PL)

05.04.2004 "Super Express"
Nr. 81 (3928)

Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2004.04 - Pies (PL)

04.2004 "Pies"
Nr. 4 (306) 2004

Merry Bell z Molu Es

2004.03 - Dog Observer (PL)

03.2004 "Dog Observer"
Nr. 01.2004

Beau Isabeau z Peronówki + Bisu z Peronówki + Botis z Peronówki + Berserker z Peronówki + Balrog z Peronówki + Banshee z Peronówki + Jolly z Molu Es

2004.02 - Mój pies (PL)

02.2004 "Mój pies"
Nr. 2 (149) 2004

Bolton Eden severu