2005.05.27 - BOG 3 for Jolly z Molu Es - Senec (SK)

The dog show in Senec was very successful for Jolly - after she gained the title "Best of Breed" she also showed herself very nice in the main ring - she was choosen as one of the best three dogs of the first FCI group and later she finished on the third place - Best of Group 3. for Jolly!

Jolly z Molu Es

2005.05.28 - BOB for Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki during the IDS in Nitra (SK)

And next success of "z Peronówki" and another one in the origin country. This time of Aset Voodoo Wolf which in a strong stack beated all rivals and get the title "Best of Breed" during the International Dog Show in Nitra....

Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki

2005.06.26 - Alistair Wolf z Peronówki - Polish Champion

During the International Dog Show in Cracow our Alistair Wolf z Peronówki not only beated the rivals and get the title "Best of Breed" but she also fulfilled all requirement to get the title "Polish Champion".

Alistair Wolf z Peronówki

2004.11.07 - Jolly - Best Female of the European Dog Show of CzW - Nitra (SK)

Because Jolly had always puppies in this time it was not possible for her to participate in this important dog show in the last years. Till this year... And she make up for the lost time - first thanks to the next CAC she fulfiled all requirements for the title "Slovakian Champion". After it she beat all other females and became 'Best Bitch of the European Dog Show of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs'. And everything in the origin country and thenks to the decision of the Slovakian judge!

JOLLY z Molu Es:

2004.11.06 - International Dog Show Nitracanis - Nitra (SK)

The whole dog show was a huge success of our kennel:

- Balrog z Peronówki beat his rivals, get the title 'Youth Winner' and started his Slovakian Junior Championat

- Merry Bell z Molu Es get another CAC and in this way she became 'Slovakian Champion'

2005.02.27 - Champion Dog Show - Leszno (PL)

Relative many CzWs took part in the Champion Dog Show in Leszno this year - 4 dogs are amount typical for more popular breeds. Finally after fierce struggle between son (Amber Wolf z Peronówki) and mother (Jolly z Molu Es) the judge decided to give precedence to the woman - Amber become Best Male and Jolly: Best Female and Best of Breed...

Jolly z Molu Es & Amber Wolf z Peronówki

2005.05.09 - Alistair Wolf z Peronówki - Slovakian Champion

In Banska Bystrica Alistair Wolf z Peronówki fulfiled all requirements for the title "Slovakian Champion".

Alistair Wolf z Peronówki

2005.05.09 - Balrog z Peronówki - Youth Champion of Czech Republic and Slovakia

Last weekend ended with full success - thanks to the victories during the Czech dog show in Prague and during Slovakian dog show in Banska Bystrica Balrog fulfiled all requirements and he can add to his list two new titles:

- Youth Champion of Czech Republic
- Youth Champion of Slovakia

Balrog z Peronówki

2004.08.22 - Balrog - best puppy of the IDS in Bratislava (SK)

It was very important day for young Balrog - during the East- and Centraleuropean Dog Show in Bratislava he beated his rivals in the ring and after it he won very strong competition in the ring of honour and hi was choosed the best puppy of this show.

BIS PUPPY - Balrog z Peronowki

2005.04.30 - International Dog Show - Lodz (PL)

International Dog Show in Lodz was successful as every year - in every respect: the weather was good, we met many wolfdogs and get many titles.

The title "Best Male" received Balrog. He started this way his Interchampionship and Polish Championship:

Balrog z Peronówki

The Title "Best Female" and "Best of Breed" get Jolly:

Jolly z Molu Es