2004.02.07 - Aset Voodoo = Junior Champion of Czech Republic (CZ)

On the International Dog Show in Brno (CZ) Aset Voodoo get the last CAJC (Youth Winner) which she needed to finish her championat - she became Junior Champion of Czech Republic....

2004.01.24 - International Dog Show in Trencin (SK)

To win when the competition is small is nothing special. But win in one of the origin countries is something different. Aset Voodoo Wolf z Peronówki proved on the International Dog Show in Trencin (SK) that our dogs don't need to be affraid there. She captured not only the CAJC (Youth Winner) title and the title Best Junior of Breed, but also during the finals she won BIS Junior.

2004.01.24 - National Dog Show in Glogow (PL)

On the 5th Winter National Dog Show in Glogow our dog was very successful. Andariel Wolf z Peronówki got the title Junior Winner and finished her Polish Junior Champion title.Also during the finals she didn't disappoint us - she finished the final struggle in the second place.

2003.09.14 - BOGs, BISes, or how we were doing in Zielona Gora (PL)...

The dog show in Zielona Gora was not so usual. Because on day earlier we had a CzW meeting by us, 16 CzW applied for this show. It is shocking number in Poland (so far).

Jolly decided to shine again - BOB (Best of Breed), BOG (Best of Group) was not enought for her. Finally the third place in the Best in Show satisfied her....

Also Bolton applied for the success on this day - he won (together with Jolly) the competition "Best couple".

2003.08.24 - Club dog show for CzW - Checy (F)

Club dog show of CzW in France, or what's up by Anubis Wolf z Peronowki...

Our Anubis Wolf z Peronówki don't wan to lag behind his brothers and sisters. On his first dog show - club dog show in Chécy (Loiret) in France Anubis won the puppy class and get the title "Best Puppy of the Club Dog Show".

Anubis Wolf z Peronówki

2003.11.03 - European dog show - Bratislava (SK)

Andariel Wolf z Peronówki became the breed winner (BOB) on the European dog show in Bratislava....Andariel Wolf z Peronówki, female from our first litter, at the age of 10 months won the breed during the European dog show in Bratislava. She was choosed as the best czechoslovakian wolfdog from among other 39 CzWs showed in Bratislava. She received BOB and Youth European Winner titles.

2003.05.31 - Club Dog Show for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs - Roudnice nad Labem (CZ)

The most important dog show in this breed is already finished - the Czech club dog show of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs took place in Roudnica nad Labem on May, 31st 2003.

The highest title "Club Winner" won our JOLLY z Molu Es. She also get the title Best of Breed.

JOLLY z Molu Es

2003.09.28 - Special Dog Show for CzW - Zbraslav (CZ)

Also this year we didn't overlooked the main CzW shows. The end of the show season was meant in Czech Republic the special dog show in Zbraslav near Brno. Also this year we were noticeable:

JOLLY z Molu Es won the champion class. In the end she lost only with the BOB-bitch:

2003.09.21 - XV Club Dog Show in Lodz (PL)

XV Club Dog Show in Lodz was a big success of your kennel. Merry Bell z Molu Es obtain the title "Club Winner" and "Best Female". The title from the male class shared Amber Wolf z Peronowki (Junior Winner and Junior Club Winner) and Bolton Eden severu (Club Winner, Best Male as well as Best of Breed).

2003.08.17 - Amber Wolf z Peronowki and the dog show in Torun (PL)

Also male dogs from "z Peronowki" have luck on the dog shows. On the XXXVI Torunska Wystawa Psów Rasowych Amber Wolf z Peronowki won not only the title "Best Puppy" but also was on the third place during the competition BIS PUPPY.

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