Dual International Dog Show - 16-17.02.2013 Granada (Spain)

During the double-International Dog Show in Granada, Spain (16-17.02.2013) Żweruna of Peronówki garnered two times everything she could get: she obtained two times the excellent note and titles Junior Winner, Best Junior, Best Female and Best of Breed (BOB).

And thanks to it she also completed the Junior Championship of Spain ..

‎2013-02-02 - XLIII Internationl Dog Show - Forlì (Italy)

Judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (FI)

Żela z Peronówki

BOB, Best Female & Best Junior

Churel II z Peronówki - Show Champion

Oh, and this happened too!

Officially sevilen has some random alphabets too!..it was some weeks ago but i forgot i got the papers...

CH. Churel II z Peronowki.. and now we try for a Grand Ch. & others and maybe some sports Smile

International Dog Show - 2013.01.06 Bordeaux (France)

6-year-old Glasya z Peronówki is in perfect condition. At the international dog show in the French Bordeaux, despite numerous competitors and the fact that she just had a litter, Glasya showed her class. She do not only won the champions and became Best Female and CACIB, but she also reached once again the highest trophy - she won Best of Breed (BOB).


Krajowa Wystawa Grupy I - Wrocław (PL) 11.06.2011

Dog show in Wroclaw is one of our favorites - a great area, fantastic atmosphere and the weather always "made to order". What more can you ask...?

Csw were judged by Mariola Semik.



Esposizione Regionale Canina - 12.06.2011 Savignano del Rubicone (Italy)

Perkun's owners simply pamper us with next achievements... The wolf proved again that his mom Jolly ended her breeding career with a huge pomp known now as the P-litter z Peronówki....


Exposicion Internacional Canina - 12.06.2011 Castellon (Spain)

Utukku Peronówki is celebrating one success after another - and is still "only" a puppy ... This time he triumphed on a dog show in Castellon in Spain. First he won the Best Puppy title. After it he he stood in first place on the podium in the final competitions - he receive BOG 1. (Puppy) - Group Winner (Puppies).


Grandpa rules - 3x dog show in Brazil 04-05.06.2011

Iran is already 13 years old, but it seems he do not pay any attention to it... He is wining hearts of next females and reveling on dog shows.. And he makes us proud and placing faith that also his both daughters (Kasdeya and Ibona) and granddaughter (Qareen) will follow in his footsteps... He is still in perfect form - and this weekend he proved it one more time.

2011.06.04 - V. Cekoslovaku vilksuniu klubine paroda - Sakai (LT)

Under the complicated name hides nothing more than a club show, organized by the Lithuanian CzW Club. I write about it, because it's another European Club show, which we can be proud about, because the winner are not only our children but also "grandchildren "...

Dogs judged Valentinas Stiklius - known fan of our breed...


The title CLUB WINNER received Geryon z Peronówki


International Dog Show Prestige - Leszno (PL) 04.06.2011

Next dog show with presence of the dogs comming from the new generations and again we were swarmed with titles....


The title Best Baby get Vapula z Peronówki - she endured the hot and long waiting really brave... Only in the end she decided not to leave the show ring because it was so pleasant cold under the judge's tent.... Wink


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