The first and for years the most titled kennel breeding Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already many prestigous achievements. Czechoslovakian Wolfodog - Czechosłowacki wilczak - Československý vlčak - Tschechoslowakischer Wolfhund - Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco - Chien-loup tchécoslovaque - Perro lobo checoslovaco - Československý vlčiak - Чехословацкий влчак - Tsjechoslowaakse wolfhond

2002.06.01-02 - Meeting and special CzW and Saarlos dog show in Zirndorf (D)

On 01-02.06.2002 two German clubs "Interessengemeinschaft Saarlos-Wolhond-Freunde-Deutschland" and "Interessengemeinschaft für Tschechoslowakische Wolfshunde" organised the 7. special dog show of czechoslovakian wolfdogs and saarlos wolhonds connected with meeting of owners and friends of both breeds.To Zirndorf we arrived on Saturday, 01.06.2002 at 10:00. Very helpful was description of the route and in the end special signs showing right direction to meeting place - we arrived at the place without any problems. We parked our car and went directly to training area.

2002.06.22-23 - II. CzW championship of Czech Republic and "Best protection dog" competition

Saturday morning began with wonderful weather. Without any problems we managed to arrive to training ground in Roudnice nad Labem where II. CzW championship of Republic took place. After short pause in local canteen the championship has been officially open. Judge's role fell to Jiři Pružina. Were also helping: Karel Nedvěd (assistant) and Hana Křižova (main organizer).

List of participants:

2002.05.05 - IV Obedience Competition of Mazowsze (PL)

On Wednesday, 5th May 2002, in a small town Laski located near to Warsaw on the border of beautiful Kampinowski Primeval Forest took place IV Obedience Competition of Mazowsze according to PT regulations (PT - Polish obedience exam).The event was orgranized by AKI club and local division of ZKwPL in Plock and area on which everything took place was offered by commune of Izabelin. The dogs and their handlers were assesed by known Slovakian judge Josef Olearcin.

"We bear the responsibility" and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

When we started showing Bolton (our first CzW), wolfdogs in Poland were a real rarity (Bolton was the third czechoslovakian wolfdog in Poland). No-one, neither audience, nor judges didn't have an idea what kind of dog breed it is and how to judge it in the ring. But they "knew" their characters.

One of the final competitions overstep the mark: it was "Best Junior Dog" competition. In the main ring appeared lots of young dogs from all groups. The judge, with long job seniority and experience, was judging very detailed. He was checking the character, was stroking all the dogs, looking

2002.06.23 - II. Výstavní soutež 'Pes roku 2002' - Roudnice nad Labem (CZ)

Jerry Lee z Molu Es & L'Rocco z Molu Es & Kelt z Molu Es & Alan ze Smaragových vodopádů & Nero z Molu Es & Agar Morušový háj & Asterix Eden severu

Isa Bella z Molu Es & Canis z Molu CS & Jolly z Molu Es & Nemesis z Molu Es & Ainy z Města Henbrštajnů & Dia Dakmat & Felon Eden severu & Ira z Litavské kotliny CS

2002.06 - Pies (PL)

06.2002 "Pies"
Nr.3 (293) 2002

Jolly z Molu Es

2002.06 - IG fur Tschechoslowakische Wolfshunde (DE)

06.2002 "IG fur Tschechoslowakische Wolfshunde"

Jolly z Molu Es

2002.05 - Husky (PL)

05.2002 "Husky"
Nr. 5/2002

Jolly z Molu Es + Bolton Eden severu

2001.05.12 - Klubová výstava ČsV - Praha Vojanovy sady (CZ)

Adon Irpruš & Bolton Eden severu & Bux z Krotkovského dvora & Freeking z Molu

2001.05.05 - IX Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych - Łódź (PL)

Bolton Eden severu & Clif od Buližníku